Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA is one of the five entrepreneurs who have broken the glass ceiling

The gender gap in STEM areas is clearly exposed not only in universities but also in the business world. Grupo AIA has worked to reduce the gap through positive recruitment and development policies to attract and retain women´s talent and giving continuous support to those women studying Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.

Regina LLopis, president and founder of Grupo AIA has always promoted gender equality in the business group and is a staunch supporter of business projects created by and addressed to women. As expressed in an article published in El País Retina entitled: “five entrepreneurs who have broken the technological glass ceiling, where Regina Llopis talks about the need to break taboos and girls´ roles stereotypes.

In this article, the president of Grupo AIA, stands for women´s participation in decision making and visibility as technological makers: engineers who have invented and developed programs and systems, physics and mathematicians who created and implemented algorithms will be the role models for those that are girls now and will be the women undertaking technological entrepreneurship in the future.

Consequently, the slim presence of women in STEM areas is mainly due to the lack of women as referent models and gender and stereotypes bias. Moreover, Regina Llopis stands for the STEAM acronyms (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts, and Mathematics) as she believes Arts (including Architecture) adds a more holistic vision to basic sciences and engineering.


Top 100 Mujeres Líderes

Regina Llopis awarded among the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain 2017

The 2017 Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain awards, organized by the portal Women & Cia, created for promoting women’s talent for building gender equality in society.

The gala held last June 21st in Madrid, opened by Arturo González Aizpiri, Corporate Director of People and Organization at Repsol, host of the event, and the Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality, Mr. Mario Garcés Sanagustín, and the participation of Mercedes Wellich, founder of Mujeres & Cia and promoter of the even.

The awards go to 100 top 100 women leaders in Spain in 10 different categories and Regina Llopis Rivas, CEO of Aplicaciones en Informatica Avanzada, S.L. has been awarded in the category of Senior Management in 2017.

Regina I-Will Breakfast

I-Will Breakfast tiene como protagonista Regina Llopis, CEO de AIA.

Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA has participated as an invited speaker at the I-Will Breakfast held at IESE Business School of Barcelona, hosted by Prof. Nuria Chinchilla. During her intervention, Llopis told her life story, her childhood in Venezuela, how her family has influenced her professional and personal development, her ideas and objectives for the future.

One of the most important topics during the forum was the support among women in the technological sector, usually dominated by men, and the incorporation of A to the STEM areas (STEAM) to broaden disciplines scope and vision for a complementary approach in business.

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, awarded the 2015 IWEC Award

2015 IWEC´s award for the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge has been granted to Regina Llopis, President and delegate board member of Grupo AIA.


The 2015 IWEC Award (International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge) has been granted to the president and delegate board member of Grupo AIA, Regina Llopis.


IWEC is a non-profit organization domiciled in New York with the mission to foster collaboration among businesswomen networks and promote their businesses worldwide.


This year, 25 businesswomen from 15 countries of all continents have been awarded with the IWEC awards, and Regina Llopis, founder of the AIA Group is one of them. This award is a recognition to AIA´s objective to provide real and quantifiable economic benefit to its customers through advanced analytics, whose objective is to produce a real and quantifiable economic benefit to customers through advanced computer applications based on basic science transfer (Physics and Mathematics) to the industry providing disruptive and innovative ideas.


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Regina Foro Mujer y liderazgo

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, special guest at the “Foro Mujer y Liderazgo”

Regina Llopis, as a special guest at the forum “Mujer y Liderazgo” (Women and Leadership) organized by Banco Sabadell and ESADE, highlighted the importance of data analytics and Big Data for companies looking for a competitive advantage. She also talked about the IoT technologies that allow meeting business needs more accurately.

The president of Grupo AIA stressed the low participation of women in scientific and technological fields and gave the key to solving the gap gender. Making them believe in their potential and put away unconscious bias that stops them from taking risks or the impostor syndrome (sprung up since early childhood) that hinders their access to professional careers are some of the factors to be aware of.

Regina Llopis emphasized the need to change stereotypes and gender bias and empower girls cognitive and intellectual faculties the same as boys.

Currently, she recalled, women´s presence in scientific and technological areas is still slim. In the U.S., only 24% of women go on with professional careers in these areas against 76% of men and in Spain figures are even worse.

Regina Llopis, President of Grupo AIA participates at the Forum Global Summit of Women 2013, held in Kuala Lumpur

Regina Llopis, President of Grupo AIA has participated along with other top executives and board members of the Spanish delegation at the 2013 Global Summit of Women – “Women: Creating New Economies” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from June 5th-8th.

This forum gathers women top executives and directors worldwide aiming at sharing their views and perceptions of their own sectors to expand economic opportunities for women throughout the world thanks to their exchange of work solutions and creative strategies.

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