Regina Llopis gives us the key to increasing women´s participation in STEAM areas

“Choosing a good partner”. A phrase coined by Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA during her participation at the forum Women´s Social Innovation in Technological companies  held in the Basque Country.

Stereotypes, gender barriers and breaking down existing assumptions are some of the slogans heard at the forum organized by the top executives and businesses women ´s association in the Biscay region: Women´s Social Innovation in Technological companies Regina Llopis, president of AIA, has participated to stand for women´s presence in STEAM areas.

During her intervention, Llopis claimed the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes sprung up at home by stop giving dolls and kitchens to girls as gifts and start giving them gifts that foster their curiosity” such as video games, remote control toys, and any other technological toys because basically “that´s the future”. She recalled that women´s slim presence in technological careers was mainly due to gender-bias that underestimates their capacities facing technological, scientific and engineering topics.

Regina Llopis, also said it was important choosing a good partner who gives you support in your professional career instead of obstacles so you do not have to change it”. Choosing someone who understands women´s professional needs and ambitions and their belonging to the technological and business world.

During the forum, it was highlighted the need to change current figures and make the necessary effort in society to increase the presence of girls and women in the STEAM areas (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Art) and avoid that 50% of the society stays behind in an increasingly technological world.

It was also claimed at the forum, the need to make visible professional women ´s role to foster future generations because either you are in or you do not exist.

Other participants at the forum:

  • Azucena Castro: General Director of Owl Genomic.
  • Covadonga Herrero: Director of Deusto Sistemas of Bilbao.
  • Isabel García: Production Director at Bizintek.

Carlos López Ullod, CEO of AIA, participates in lectures organized by La Salle Breakfast

La Salle’s 78th Breakfast series edition has just begun starting with the debate on “How does data help the company improve its processes and efficiency to provide value-added projects?”.

Carlos López, General Director of Grupo AIA, has participated at the round table highlighting the need to have the correct data to ask suitable questions to meet customer needs.

López focused his talk on AA´s experience in developing methods in which data has been essential for adding value to the business. He supported the idea that” knowing where data comes from will improve corporate´s performance”. He also stressed the need to work together and steadily the Business and the Analytics to change the way business has been done until now.

Xavier Vilasís, Director of the Data Science Master at La Salle-URL, has also participated in this Breakfast series as moderator of the conference. Marta Tolos Rigueiro, Director of Big Data in the global department of Enterprise Data Analytics and Architecture of Zurich and Iván Cubiles, CEO and Co-Founder of taking U have also collaborated to this event.

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