AIA´s V International Cash Management Forum

AIA´s V International Cash Management Forum was held at the Hotel Husa Madrid Paseo del Arte, a meeting point for professionals of the sector since 2007.
Like in past forum editions, representatives from the most financial institutions in Spain attended this event.
The forum benefitted from the presence of Alfonso Gonzalez Ledo (BANKIA Director Cash Management Director) who gave a presentation on “integrations, mergers and cash management” highlighting AIA´s support in the entities integration process.


The topics presented in the talks were found interesting by the attendants, in particular, NeoPolar platform´s demonstration and papers describing AIA´s new services in the field of Cash Management.

NeoPolar, Grupo AIA ´s new cash management product launch

AIA launches NeoPolar, its new cash management, and monitoring system. NeoPolar and PolarWEB technologies can reduce costs by 40% and guarantee cash supply by 99,7%. This new product is AIA´s revolutionary product due to its performance, and easy installation and implementation in the platform, reducing cash management personnel costs and improving branches ATMs cash supply ratio.