Grupo AIA receives the Innovation HUB award for “The Best Use Case” in 2017

Grupo AIA has been awarded the InnovationHUB granted by Ideas4all for The Best Use Case in 2017. This award is a recognition to AIA´s work on algorithms developments based on collaborative working achieved by diverse ideas and approaches of its two main research groups.

This prize is granted by Ideas4all every year as a recognition for the best innovation practices and highlight the importance of open innovation for companies´ transformation.

Among some of the competitive advantages of open innovation is real time. Thanks to technology, knowledge, and ideas from various groups.

Carlos López, CEO of Grupo AIA, received the award and thanked for this recognition for the work done in algorithms development based on sharing approaches and perspectives diversity. This is one of Grupo AIA´s main values: applying diversity of thought on each one of its projects, as it is believed it will contribute to the solution of complex problems.

The InnovationHUB award is a recognition not only for AIA´s innovative business but also for being an expert in algorithms development for business innovation. Not in vain, the company´ s slogan is Building Algorithms for a better world.


Among the other awards are:

o    Ideas4all Innovation award: Seguros Santalucía.

o    Best management Team: Banco Sabadell.

o    Idea creator award: Banco Sabadell.

o    Transforming Innovation award: City Council of Santander.

o    Best Dynamization Campaign: Zürich Seguros


Regina Llopis, president of AIA, participates in “Smart cities: data, people or both?”.

La presidenta del Grupo AIA, Regina Llopis ha participado en la mesa redonda “Smart cities: ¿datos, personas o ambos?”   celebrado en InnovationHub. Junto a Regina Llopis han participado Marieta del Rivero, autora del libro “Smart cities, una visión para el ciudadano” y a la alcaldesa de Santander, Gema Igual.

AIA receives the Innovating Company Award 2010 by the Ascamm Foundation

The Ascamm Foundation, the member of the Tecnio network created by ACCIÓ for technological, innovation and excellence promotion in Catalonia, has announced its 2010 Innovation awards.

AIA has been granted the Innovating Company award in 2010 for its innovating applications in artificial intelligence algorithms developed for decision making support to the energy, banking, health and telecommunication sectors, among others. Moreover, AIA and Ascamm have created a shared unit (AIAMM) for developing artificial intelligence on industrial embedded systems