En los Programas de Continuidad citan al Grupo AIA

Grupo AIA as an example of Artificial Intelligence use in the session “The great impact of Artificial Intelligence: reality and challenges”

What are the challenges Artificial Intelligence is facing today? How is this technology impacting on different industrial sectors? , Nuria Agell, Operation and Data Science Department Director of ESADE, has gathered directors of different sectors: health, retail, etc. within the Continuity programs of Esade, Programas de Continuidad de ESADE to answer these questions.

Agell talked about Artificial Intelligence revival in the industry and of how this technology has allowed to develop intelligent systems designed to improve diverse industrial processes and everyday life: Smart phones, virtual assistants and the evolution of autonomous systems.

Nuria Agell presented Grupo AIA as one of the companies using Artificial Intelligence for diverse industrial sectors through innovations in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and at the state of the art in advance technological solutions.

Grupo AIA´s unique methodologies provide solutions to companies challenges as it combines Artificial Intelligence and advanced analysis to tackle the problem thoroughly and accurately to meet customers´ needs.