SEPS: Network incidents probability and severity expert system

SEPS Proyecto

The SEPS Project´s objective is to develop an expert system based on meteorological and supply and demand information for distribution network incidents and restriction forecasting.

SEPS is also intended to study incidents social impact based on the affected market information.


The SEPS Project is part of the Innpacto subprogram of R&D&I MICINN

The resulting expert system will improve decision-making on preventive actions to minimize network power impact by restrictions and effects of bad weather conditions.

Objectives and scope

  • Identify the main weather variables impacting on the distribution networks.
  • Develop reliable supply and demand forecast models.
  • Develop an information collection, processing and integrating system from various identified sources.
  • Develop incidence forecast algorithm based on historical data
  • Integrate different algorithms for each type of data in one single result of incident probability.
  • Identify incidents severity and effects on the network.
  • Develop a geo and visualization graphic system of incidents and risks.


Benefits and achievements

  • Supply quality improvement
  • Reduction of social and media impact of network incidents and restrictions
  • More efficient resources management


Consortium: Comprised by 7 national companies:

  • The leader: Unión Fenosa Distribución S.A
  • Technical Coordination SCIEN Analytics
  • Companies: Telvent, SCIEN Analytics, Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada (Grupo AIA)
  • Universities: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad de Zaragoza (bifi), Universidad de Girona


Duration: July 2012 – March 2015

Call for proposals INNPACTO 2012 of The Public-Private Cooperation National Program of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness File number: IPT-2012-0580-120000 SEPS

Ministerio de economía y competitividad