Vicens Gaitán, CDS in Grupo AIA: “AI allows us to exploit information better than ever before”

What are AI key points? Are AI-driven companies getting a competitive advantage? At the conference round table held last September at La Salle, “Artificial Intelligence. Why & How to keep your Company alive” were raised these questions and sparked lively discussions thanks to speakers´ participation: Vicens Gaitán, Chief Data Science in Grupo AIA, Pier Paolo Rossi, Advanced Customer Marketing & Analytics Director in Banc Sabadell and Daniel Marco, Department for Digital Policy and Public Administration of Catalonia.

Digital Transformation has become a turning point in companies´ work culture, particularly in data management and AI-based technology to achieve their competitive advantage in their industrial sectors.

However, during the speakers´ interventions at the conference, it was made clear implementing AI was not setting an “automatic pilot”, but instead it involved having essential key elements.

Above all, being able to implement AI to the business to meet specific needs leading to more intelligent decision-making. Vicens Gaitán, Chief Data Science in Grupo AIA, pointed out that “thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in companies, these companies can be trained to exploit data as never before”.

In other words, data-driven companies striving for the best and more efficient decision-making must work on these four big areas:

  • Knowing the dataset location and capture it. Data management time must be adequate for accurate and suitable subsequent decision-making fitted to each business case.
  • Dataset creation and assembly
  • Apply the algorithm that will extract information from the data.
  • Make decisions based on results provided by the algorithms.

One of the most sensitive aspects at the conference was the need for customer-centric decision- making for more effective results. Consequently, technology should go hand by hand with the business to lead customer-centric projects.

Artificial intelligence techniques enhance businesses’ capacities to adapt and anticipate strategic and tactic decision making to their real customers´ demand. Therefore, it is essential that the business and Big Data teams work together to achieve business intelligence.

The degree of maturity of Artificial intelligence-driven businesses is based on their capacity to integrate AI as their main structure. The greater artificial intelligence, the greater the corporative intelligence.