What makes us Problem Solvers in Grupo AIA?

We are not afraid of challenges. Finding solutions to any data driven challenge is part of Grupo AIA´s DNA. We are experts in advanced analytics, Complex Math and Artificial Intelligence, we also offer:

Mens sana…


In Grupo AIA, we encourage knowledge exchange. We are a multidisciplinary community you can contribute to, learn from and debate on any idea. We are like you.

…in corpore sano


We offer you a private full insurance coverage for immediate assistance.

Flexible Salary


Save up to 30% of your salary. You can enjoy Restaurant -Tickets, Transport – Tickets y and Nursery -Tickets with our flexible salary


Work is not the only thing in life!  Enjoying family, a dog, a ferret, exploring exotic places …needs time. You can do that working with us.


Our very talented community fosters gender, religion, race, age and origin equality.

Women in STEAM


In Grupo AIA, we are committed to women STEAM. We want women to become part of our community as Problem Solvers so our initiatives go towards that direction.



We follow work schedules and style. We don´t care if you arrive to work earlier or later or if you work from home.

From all over the world


In Grupo AIA, Science is the language spoken by our international community.

Great culture


Proactive, creative and collaborative are core attributes of the people we hire in Grupo AIA and who better define our work culture.

Continuous learning


In Grupo AIA, you are learning while you are working. This is what we want you to do. We provide the necessary tools for continuous learning.

Yes, I can


Yes! we have free English classes at the office. Improve your english with us!

We are a group of people who embody the spirit of our motto, “Algorithms for a better world” We have an unquenchable thirst for doing research, developing, growing and overcoming complex challenges apparently unsolvable which help us to show we are the best.

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