Use Cases

Electricity market analysis

AIA has developed a methodology for the analysis of the electrical market based on Game Theory. Agents compete to sell the energy they are capable of generating. A series of variables such as demand, renewable production and hydroelectric production have an impact on the matching result.

Optimizing hydroelectric power generation

Grupo AIA has developed its own technique to attack this problem, based firstly on a novel modeling of the output curves for the generator substation as a whole, which preserves the essential non-linearity of the problem and allows the mathematical techniques of the Network Flow and Convex Optimization.

Grids simulators

The process of expansion and planning of future transmission and distribution systems depends to a large extent on a correct modeling and simulation of electrical networks, which highlights the need for modeling and simulation tools that are powerful, efficient, accurate and reliable.

Operation support systems

We create advanced energy management and operation support systems such as AGORA, which is based on reliable algorithms that allow advanced monitoring and operation of the network. AGORA is installed in the control centers of large electric operators in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Solutions for the gas sector

The gas sector has among its objectives to improve the processes of monitoring, forecasting and operation that the different agents of the system perform in their operations. Whether daily processes in real time or intraday, such as information consolidation or anomaly detection processes.

Customers income estimation

Clients´ income estimation is very important for financial institutions. If they only have partial knowledge of these clients, they cannot choose the best targets for their commercial campaigns or cannot develop accurate scoring models.

Financial products marketing

One of the current trends in the marketing of financial products is to build a long-lasting relationship with customers to open a dialogue to learn from each other. Marketing actions cannot be generic.

Pricing Financial Products

Each client has unique characteristics, knowing them allows to choose a personalized pricing offer of financial products to maximize customer satisfaction.

Stores and Offices Geomarketing

Geomarketing is a discipline that provides information for making business decisions based on the modeling of georeferenced variables. Born from the confluence of marketing and geography, it allows analyzing the size and characteristics of supply and demand of some economic activity by locating customers, points of sale, branches, direct or indirect competition, etc

Sales forecasting models

Sales forecasting models allow retail companies to optimize their production and purchasing chain, in addition to being able to carry out a dynamic pricing policy according to sales data by product.

Product Recommendation

Currently many companies in the retail sector offer loyalty cards to their customers. The main motivation is to link these customers with the chain through the product recommendation, the personalization of offers and discount vouchers.

Smart and autonomous power systems

The aerospace sector is one of the ones facing the most technological challenges when it needs intelligent and autonomous energy systems to fulfill one of its main objectives, which is to take manned flights to a next level, beyond Mars.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines are a set of recommendations based on scientific evidence that help professionals make decisions about the best way to care for their patients.

Design tool siRNA

The Health sector has before it a new horizon in the creation of molecules with siRNA design technology, which allows the silencing of genes responsible for the production of proteins associated with certain diseases.

Patient classification models.

Many traditional patient classification models are adapted to specific populations and temporal contexts, so it is necessary to develop new models that take into account the current situation and that can also evolve in future situations.

Customers behavior detection

The detection of critical phenomena in the customer network (Call patterns, use of data, if you intend to leave the company, opinion of the brand or if they are prescribers of the same, etc …) is a priority for all companies of telecommunications.

Media — Users Characterization

All companies that offer their services to the end user, have as a priority the objective of knowing their consumers in a deeper way. In the case of the audiovisual sector, the best way is to characterize the tastes and behaviors of the users based on their use of the contents, the opinions they pour on the Internet about them, the interrelations between users, etc.

RR.HH — Talent Discovery Tools

Talent Discovery tools for the search of talent in social networks as well as in databases of candidates. A new challenge for the consulting sector.

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