Smart and autonomous power systems

Towards deeper space

Spacecrafts system design for deep space manned missions beyond Mars involve smart power systems´ management.  These smart power systems will enable power generation, storage and management for autonomous manned spacecrafts.

Only with the help of Artificial Intelligence, these autonomous spacecraft power systems will be able to learn, make decisions and solve problems without human interaction.

In Grupo AIA, we have combinedArtificial Intelligence and the physical modeling of the power system. We have used our own method to solve the load flow equation, HELMTM (Holomorphic Embedding Load Flow Method), that solves problems traditional computing methods cannot solve due to their iterative condition and which are not reliable to operate in unattended mode, as part of an automatic control algorithm.


The combination of HELMTM and Artificial intelligence, has allowed EleQuant, subsidiary company of Grupo AIA, to participate in NASA projects  for the development of models to provide smart power systems to manned or unmanned spacecrafts to missions beyond Mars. The goal is developing a fully autonomous and self-sufficient power system, capable of solving any failure in power transmission without human intervention.

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