BUHO is an intelligent observation system based on artificial intelligence techniques for pattern recognition, data analysis, and a set of rules to support or modify bidding strategies. Moreover, the tool uses conceptual hierarchical structure to transform information into knowledge.

BUHO ´s main objective is to give support in the electricity market bidding decision-making process.

BUHO uses electricity market prices observations, data analysis for clustering and finally anomalies detection and classification.

The Interface enables dialogue in natural language in English and Spanish and voice output to save time in daily bidding process.


Main features

Direct access at every level of information (market data at the highest level)

Intelligent Observation Systems.

Data analysis, anomalies detection and classification: correlation, strategies, thermal, hydraulic.

Market evolution monitoring.

Anomalies interpretation through conceptual tree analysis.

Configuration editing flexibility of conceptual trees as observation elements.

Graphic representation.


Hardware/Software platforms

The application runs in PC / Windows (Microsoft) environments and different database (ACCESS, ORACLE,…).

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