RR.HH — Talent Discovery Tools

The best talent acquisition for your company

Talent is everywhere, knowing how to find it and attract it at the right time allow companies to obtain the right candidate whenever they need it. Headhunters and outsourcing companies need tools to offer the most talented candidates at the shortest time.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, NLP, Grupo AIA uses social networks and candidates database for sourcing and filtering talent acquisition. By increasing candidates pool, best talent searching and hiring time is reduced.


Grupo AIA has participated in the development of the Talent Discovery tool, within the Project Economic and Digital Society of the Scientific, Technical and Innovation Strategic Action State Plan of  the Government of Spain.

Talent Discovery tool provides job position and ideal profile drafting (skills inferred, and experience required are prioritized and analyzed for the right candidate profile definition). It also allows to capture information to verify curriculum content and candidates interest raised by recruiters in a prepared Business Intelligence (BI) type format.

With Talent Discovery based on Artificial Intelligence, searching can be either internal (Database) or external (Internet) which highlights the companies more demanded profiles.

Grupo AIA has also developed EVA,  an evaluation expert system for facilitating the learning process of decision criteria and reducing the subsequent classifying process of similar situations.

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