Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Neural Networks


Deep Learning, is one of the branches of Machine Learning using artificial neural networks for automated predictive processes through artificial neural networks containing a large quantity of layers and fed by a huge volume of data, Deep Learning techniques are making outstanding progress in images and human voice recognition, translation, complex classification, anomalies detection…

Artificial neural networks are inspired by human brain cells. Mathematically, they constitute a very flexible and powerful nonlinear regression system capable of learning patterns in cases where other ML techniques do not have tangible results or they have been very limited.

Thanks to the evolution of Big Data technology, neural networks can be trained with a large volume of data and a performance close to human brain cells and sometimes better.

Some of the artificial neural networks used in Grupo AIA:

Connected Densely Convolutional Neural Network Recurrent Neural Networks
Long Short Term Memory Autoencoder Perceptron

Grupo AIA has successfully used artificial neural networks in a variety of real cases in the following environments:

Medical Diagnosis

Language Translator automated system

Stock Market Signals

Network Security

Images Treatment

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