Grids simulators

Grids simulators for performance improvement

In response to the increasing number of renewable sources of energy within the world energy mix, along with the growing demand of energy and the building of interconnected power markets, such as the European, a substantial transformation of the structure and functioning of current power grids network is urgently needed.

The European Union target is achieving 86% of renewable energy by 2035. Therefore, a strong and modern power grid network is required, and this involves adopting current network expansion and modernization. Keeping in mind this expansion will impact on the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental sectors.

Grupo AIA uses its power load-flow calculation method, HELMTM, adapting it to power grids needs and providing them with simulation and innovating analytical tools which would be impossible to implement through traditional calculation methods.


  • Development of the HELM™-Flow tool for load-flow simulation and analysis of transmission and distribution power networks, intended for the professional analyst/planner.
  • Development of NASA ´s STTR projects for spacecraft power grids and electrical airplanes hybrid modeling through EleQuant Inc, a Grupo AIA subsidiary company in the U.S.
  • Development of power systems dynamic simulation based on the Modelica language, in post-iTesla projects within the iPST platform (iTesla Power System Tools).
  • Within the RTE Powsybl Project and the LF Energy Foundation support (Linux Foundation), we develop modules for power system data exchange through standard CGMES and for the integration of dynamic silmulation tools, particularly, the Modelica- based, Dynaωo.

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