Electricity market analysis

Electricity market experts

Over the last decade, different OCDE member countries have restructured their power grids by liberalizing and introducing new agents to the sector. Electricity markets are generally highly complex (daily “spot” or future markets, retail auction contracts, OTC bilateral markets, etc.), which are subjected to frequent changes in the regulatory framework and to technical limitations of the power system.

The renewables´ expansion turns the situation more difficult as it introduces new producer agents like wind, photovoltaic and hydraulic independent producers into the system and therefore, increase the number of market operating agents.

Consequently, markets observation is essential to maximize market opportunities as they appear. On the other hand, maximizing these opportunities involves a thorough planning of electricity market strategies.

Grupo AIA´s methodology based on The Game theory. The agents compete to sell the energy they are able to generate. A number of contextual variables such as demand, renewable and hydropower production have an impact on the outcome of the demand.

  • Estimate matching curves at different time horizons and thus obtain an estimate of future prices.
  • Strategy planning support based on different terms and risk levels.
  • Agents´ position forecasting in future markets and estimate markets shares evolution.


Grupo AIA has successfully developed and implemented electricity market analysis solutions in different scenarios such as:

  • HADA: a system designed for optimal supply strategy in electricity markets implanted in one of the largest Spanish producers.
  • HALCON: a system for market trends forecasting, energy supply correction and penalties minimization.
  • BUHO: smart observation and extraction of relevant information of electricity market results.
  • Redispatch identification due to technical limitations and price forecasting.
  • Identification of bidding entities in the spot market in Spain.
  • New markets algorithms design.

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