Patient classification models.

Patient classification models means better treatment

The rise of chronic diseases is mainly due to population ageing. Therefore, more efficient and sustainable healthcare public systems´ management is essential.

The patient’s classification system, PCS (Patients Classification System), enables the classification of each patient group characteristics, management of resources of the sanitary system and periodic updating.

These patient clasisification models help to deliver more effective treatment to patients, more particularly to chronic patients, and allow practitioners to make the right decisions and reduce negative side effects.


Grupo AIA, has participated in the SISCLAP Project, using its over 30 years’ experience in the sanitary field, developing algorithms and segmentation methodologies enabling the application of capitative payments based on patients risk level in healthcare centers.

This system leverages efficient use of resources and consumption because it reduces the gap between budgets and expenditures. Thanks to the model developed by Grupo AIA, admission of high-risks patients has been improved by sending them to necessary and more efficient services.

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