Design tool siRNA

Design tool siRNA, helping in therapeutic target design

During the last years, medical research has been focused on identifying genes function and their relation to causing specific diseases. Currently, several labs are doing research on silencing gene protein producer deemed as the cause of specific diseases. This is the so called siRNA interference which enables the creation of personalized therapeutic targets limiting unwanted side effects.

Grupo AIA has developed a bioinformatic design tool siRNA for huge amount of data processing management based Machine Learning models which has allowed to develop algorithms to calculate candidates efficacity and specificity and to adapt quickly to siRNA´s new design patterns discovered. Thus, the tool functioning can evolve by including new techniques in the database as they appear in siRNA´s design.


Thanks to this solution, pharmaceuticals we work with can design new drugs targets based on ARN Interference. Our tool offers the best selection of candidates, reducing the number of in vitro tests and giving more effective results.

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