Sales forecasting models

How much am I going to sell?

The sales forecasting models and predictive analysis consists in learning from experience to make predictions of individuals´ future behavior and make better decisions. Sales and stock forecasting are very important, particularly for the textile sector.

We can predict sales of each product and stock of each clothing item considering fashion trends and seasonality, impacting on the supply chain process.


Grupo AIA, has developed predictive analysis models for a leading Textile company to predict  sales of items on sale or clearance. The models can predict customers response to promotion of products and predict optimal stock on clearance seasons and increase the products life cycle.

Our sales forecasting models help to optimize both, products manufacturing process, sales forecast per size, color model and stock for space optimization.

Thanks to models like these, Grupo AIA has developed SOCRATES, a  negotiation support system and yearly objectives action plan (management and commercial objectives among others), addressed to commercial business and higher organizational centers.

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