Intelligent Observation Systems (IOS)

Artificial Intelligence for the expert´s knowledge


In any field of activity, there are people with great knowledge. They are key in complex decision-making Experts analyze the environment to give the best response based on the optimal strategy. The main challenge in these cases consists in capturing this high value knowledge from the expert to extend it to the whole organization.


Grupo AIA knows that to extend experts´ knowledge, the first thing to do is the automation of decision-making processes with Intelligent Observation Systems (IOS). Artificial Intelligence is used to extract expert´s knowledge and imitate human reasoning to automate that decision-making process.

Since its creation, Grupo AIA has developed its own methodologies based on Artificial Intelligence for the extraction of expert´s knowledge and has created-Intelligent Observation Systems (IOS) that emulates the analytical capacity of an expert in any field. They are designed to work in real time and with large volume of data, they learn by themselves and can detect early anomalous behaviors among other features.

Grupo AIA has successfully applied Intelligent Observation Systems in:

Detecting cardiac abnormalities

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