Stores and Offices Geomarketing

Geomarketing, new offices nearer your customers

For retailers, one of the most important variables in expansion planning is knowing the most suitable opening location and the potential of the different areas of the targeted urban area.

Geomarketing is a solution not only for expanding companies looking for new opening locations, but also for those not expanding. It´s a very useful tool for finding the most effective store location based on the analysis of the influence zone and passers-by characteristics. This important information could be used for developing a model for identifying the right locations for your store or office opening and to maximize reaching target customers.

The technology and methodology based on Data analytics and Big Data allow to combine external and internal data provided by companies for better decision-making.


In Grupo AIA we have used our methodologies and knowledge in Knowledge Discovery techniques (KDD), to provide retailers looking for new store or office location, a solution that gives score or ratings for every potential location based on the intended commercial activity.

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