Corporate Social Responsibility

With the slogan Algorithms for a better world, Grupo AIA is involved in several corporate social responsibility activities aimed at contributing to a more equitable world. Under the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Grupo AIA carries out different activities through the Algorithms without Frontiers Foundation.

Algorithms Without Frontiers Foundation

The “Algorithms Without Frontiers Foundation” was created in 2006 aiming at:

  • Teaching, training, skills development and certification of operators and managers in Grids operation management under extreme conditions targeted to developing and improving current technologies or to creating new applications or methodologies through the development of research projects.
  • Promoting innovation in Grid management worldwide and more specifically in Latin America.
  • Fostering Power Grids research project developments.


In 2017, and thanks to an agreement signed in 2016 with Grupo AIA, the Algorithms Without Frontier Foundation ´s objectives were broadened to focus efforts on striving for equal opportunities for women in the STEM areas (scientific, technological, mathematic and engineering):

  • Promoting activities to increase the number of women´s registration in higher education in scientific areas: scientific, technological, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • Assistance to STEM workers and their families regarding health, education and training.
  • Granting two scholarships to two STEM women to attend the Grace Hopper conference at the University of Maryland in United States.