The best price for the best service

Companies do not create the same value for all the consumers. Their own characteristics, financial and behavior profile or financial capacity, among other things, make them unique. Taking advantage of these characteristics, Banks pricing financial products can take advantage of these characteristics and personalize banking campaigns to maximize profit and increase customers satisfaction.

Banks need to shift from static product price offers to a personalized customer-centric model. Understanding customer´s needs, banks can offer them new products and services.

A personalized pricing model enables companies to offer customers more efficient pricing strategies optimally with respect to the cost and volume of depositors´ liability.


Grupo AIA´s pricing financial products  and characterization is based on a long experience in data analytics and predictive modeling, which allows it to provide financial institutions solutions for financial offers optimization and personalization.

Major Spanish and Portuguese financial corporations have trusted Grupo AIA for their personalized financial pricing tools´ development.

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