Media — Users Characterization

Listening to T.V viewers to get to know them

Media users tell us what they want and how they want it. So, companies should listen to what their customers are commenting on the different channels to offer them better products and services. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out users´ characterizations based on Machine Learning. This analysis allows us to group users based on certain characteristics or common behavioral patterns to create recommendation systems of products and contents for users.


Grupo AIA has developed a project for an important audiovisual group in Spain based on Machine Learning techniques for users segmentation, which has allowed this media business group to define their target audiences. As a result, they have benefited from a closer monitoring of the advertising impact on customers and sponsors and creating specific content to meet users´ needs.

Personalized advertising campaigns and better browsing time in the analyzed platform have led to getting better knowledge of users and increasing the company´s competitive advantage in the audiovisual sector.

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