Optimization of resources and processes = rentability

Companies must strive for processes optimization, in other word, finding the best solution at the lowest cost and greater profit. When companies decide to optimize their processes and services and adapt them to their resources, customer service will be more adequate and efficient.


Grupo AIA develops optimization methods and techniques. The most widely used are:

Network flow

This solution is based on the minimum-cost flow problem (MCFP), defined as both, an optimization and decision problem. Its objective is finding the cheapest solution to send a certain amount of flow through a flow network. This type of optimization solution is found among Grupo AIA´s products:

HELM  an optimization solution to obtain the minimum set of electrical nodes required for connecting all the related equipment to one single control) or AGORA for restart plans and in general for grids supply cost optimization under different situations.

Linear Optimization

This type of optimization model is used to maximize or minimize a linear function, called target function, in which variables are subject to a series of restrictions expressed through an equation system or linear inequalities.

Grupo AIA´s NeoPolar, Centralized Platform for Optimal Cash Management this type of optimization system is used along with the symbolic regression (also created by  Grupo AIA), for bank network and bank branches cash optimization. With Neopolar we can forecast ATMs cash and distribution optimization.

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