HALCON is an intelligent observation system for anomalies detection in the energy liquidation process.

One of the main objectives of the system is detecting and correcting measurement and state estimations anomalies. HALCON is the tool for consistency checks support of the whole generation measurement system.

HALCON analyzes the programming vectors of the system´s operator and the associated series based on physical and economic criteria which allow the system to detect structural and state snomalies and estimate associated cost and economic impact at the same time.


Main features

During the anomalies detection analysis, the system identifies the alerts excluded after verification of data, facts and contexts.

Anomalies detection in the power liquidation process.

Intelligent observation system.

The schedule-vector´s correction, includes economic criteria to minimize the economic impact on the company.

Electrical measurement schedule follow-up.

HALCON has a complementary objective consisting of improving overall consistency of generation measurement system.

Alerts explanatory reports.

Alerts hierarchy.


 Hardware/Software platform

The application is compatible with Intel PC processors in Windows 95 or NT (Microsoft).

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