HADA, is a smart modeling system designed as a computerized support tool for the electricity market bidding process. The system is based on artificial intelligent techniques such as prediction, data analysis in symbolic contexts, dynamic programming and optimization and The Game Theory, among others.
HADA´s tool is used for analyzing strategic parameters, identifying the equilibrium states and meeting market demands. It also allows market agents to identify competitors strategies, evaluate own´ strategies efficiency and optimize bidding to the market evolution.
The observation of strategic parameters is an extension of BUHO for market evolution follow-up in different environments. The free equilibrium is calculated by modeling the market general characteristics.
Finally, the optimal bid is based on two models: a prediction and an optimization module.


Main features

Optimal bids generation based on bids analysis.

Bids forecast module.

Price – energy management – for bids generation.

Relevant strategic observation parameters.

Free equilibrium Identification.

Equilibrium identification and study under constraints.

Intelligent Observation Systems.


Hardware/Software Platforms

The application can be run in a PC Windows (Microsoft)

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