Projects and Services

High-impact customized projects

In Grupo AIA, we undertake genuinely innovative projects for our customers to solve complex problems for which there isn´t any standard solution on the market yet. However, beyond our scientific-technical skills, our secret relies upon two main pillars:

  • An innovative attitude, the core of our business approach.
  • close relationship model with our customers based on a commitment to understanding the whole dimension of their business problems, listening to decision-makers problems and needs to be able to provide innovative solutions the fruit of many years’ experience in research and development.
machine learning v2

How do we innovate

In Grupo AIA, we apply breakthrough algorithms and methods to provide advanced services with outstanding analytical performance. We offer our most innovative solutions based on our long experience in research and development and innovation.

We have offered software solutions for complex business problems for over 30 years,  addressed to small businesses, banking, health, automotive, media and aerospace sectors, among others.

  • Intelligent Observation Systems.
  • Modeling, Prescription and Data Science and AI techniques.
  • Classification, prediction, optimization and simulation techniques.
  • Application of methodologies used in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.
Digital Twin

What´s our projects approach?

As problem solvers, our team of physicists, mathematicians, data scientists and data engineers focus on solving customer´s challenging problems by modeling business problems through different big data analytical tools. Always looking for the most suitable model to meet customer´s business needs. Our R&D department is at the core of the company, as it allows us to be a step forward and ready to provide a competitive advantage to our customers.

Our capacity to understand customer´s business needs and problems and our deep sense of commitment for customer service, have allowed us to be pioneers in the application of cutting-edge solutions for projects.

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