TDM: Temporal Dynamic Model.

The Temporal Dynamic Model project TDM is aimed at developing a lifecycle-based predictive model for the analysis of great volume of data through Big Data methodologies for decision-making.

The project scope is the design and development of a technological environment for defining and calculating a lifecycle-based predictive model for chronic patients´ management.

  • Phase 1: The design and development of the technology of lifecycle – based predictive model.
  • Phase 2: Implementation of the technology developed. In a vertical and concrete environment.

The result of the project is a technological environment for the development of predictive models based on lifecycle and a product ready for commercialization, validated by a pilot Project and associated to chronic patients´ management.

The participants of the projects are:

  • PULSO Ediciones S.L.: a company expert in contents editing and management.
  • Grupo AIA: a company with extensive experience in advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence – based solutions.

Co-funded project by the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, ENERGY AND TURISM within the call for funding grants for projects developed by the Strategic Action of Economics and Digital Society under the National Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File: TSI-100600-2013-71

Talent Discovery

Smart and self-adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from internet and social networks.

The objective of the Project is to develop a cloud computing based system for opinions extraction from the internet for brand or product positioning. The intelligent algorithms are based on social networks and sentiment analysis and a self-learning
approach requiring minimum human intervention.

The proposed solution is based on Big Data standards, Hadoop open source framework in this case, to provide data storing and treatment of high volume of data. (Bootstrapping) for applying the algorithms for knowledge extraction. Other algorithms regarding Keywords, key phrases and ontology extraction will be developed in the project, as well as bootstrapping for developing a more powerful module for Sentiment Analysis.

APLICACIONES EN INFORMÁTICA AVANZADA S.L., has participated in the project “Intelligent and Self-Adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from the internet and social networks based on Cloud and Big Data, Ref. number:
TSI-100600-2013-163, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan2013-2016.

Regina Foro Mujer y liderazgo

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, special guest at the “Foro Mujer y Liderazgo”

Regina Llopis, as a special guest at the forum “Mujer y Liderazgo” (Women and Leadership) organized by Banco Sabadell and ESADE, highlighted the importance of data analytics and Big Data for companies looking for a competitive advantage. She also talked about the IoT technologies that allow meeting business needs more accurately.

The president of Grupo AIA stressed the low participation of women in scientific and technological fields and gave the key to solving the gap gender. Making them believe in their potential and put away unconscious bias that stops them from taking risks or the impostor syndrome (sprung up since early childhood) that hinders their access to professional careers are some of the factors to be aware of.

Regina Llopis emphasized the need to change stereotypes and gender bias and empower girls cognitive and intellectual faculties the same as boys.

Currently, she recalled, women´s presence in scientific and technological areas is still slim. In the U.S., only 24% of women go on with professional careers in these areas against 76% of men and in Spain figures are even worse.

First Applied Innovation Forum-Barcelona

The First Applied Innovation Forum has been held in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) at ESADE-CREAPOLIS Business School complex on April 10th, 2013.

The presentations focused on:

  • BIG DATA: from unstructured data to knowledge intelligent exploitation.
  • Customer Cycle. Commercial plan recommendation and strategic objectives achievement based on Customer knowledge.
  • Intelligent Virtual Office. Integration and management of customers multi-channel information for promoting online and mobile banking personalized customer service.
  • Healthcare transformation through information analysis. Population morbidity indicators: from information analysis to sanitary management improvement.
  • Sentiment Analysis and brand positioning. How Artificial Intelligence can help to Analyze Unstructured Content in Social Networks and the Internet.
  • Sentiment Analysis and brand positioning. How Artificial Intelligence can help to Analyze Unstructured Content in Social Networks and the internet.