Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA is one of the five entrepreneurs who have broken the glass ceiling

The gender gap in STEM areas is clearly exposed not only in universities but also in the business world. Grupo AIA has worked to reduce the gap through positive recruitment and development policies to attract and retain women´s talent and giving continuous support to those women studying Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.

Regina LLopis, president and founder of Grupo AIA has always promoted gender equality in the business group and is a staunch supporter of business projects created by and addressed to women. As expressed in an article published in El País Retina entitled: “five entrepreneurs who have broken the technological glass ceiling, where Regina Llopis talks about the need to break taboos and girls´ roles stereotypes.

In this article, the president of Grupo AIA, stands for women´s participation in decision making and visibility as technological makers: engineers who have invented and developed programs and systems, physics and mathematicians who created and implemented algorithms will be the role models for those that are girls now and will be the women undertaking technological entrepreneurship in the future.

Consequently, the slim presence of women in STEM areas is mainly due to the lack of women as referent models and gender and stereotypes bias. Moreover, Regina Llopis stands for the STEAM acronyms (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts, and Mathematics) as she believes Arts (including Architecture) adds a more holistic vision to basic sciences and engineering.


In an interview with El País Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA talk about HELM

Regina Llopis, in an interview with El País, regarding AIA´s U.S. patented Holomorphic Embedding Load-flow Method (HELM)., talks about entrepreneurship differences between the U.S and Spain and about the technological perspectives in Spain.

Throughout the interview, Regina talks about Grupo AIA´s challenges in Big Data and data analytics and about her own experience as an example for young man and women of the need to grow, learn and be willing to live abroad and start a business.

Antonio Trías, co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S patent AGORA

Antoni Trías Bonet, the co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S. patent AGORA. AGORA is a new-generation Grid Management System (GMS) with intelligent observation features, built on a non-iterative breakthrough patented innovation load flow algorithm, HELM, that always provides the correct solution (if an operational physical solution exists), even near voltage collapse. The result is a robust set of tools to keep the network state even under the most difficult operational conditions.

Antoni Trías explains in an interview how the new HELM system provides all power flow calculations and accurate real-time PV and QV curve generation, performs reliable contingency analysis and support simulation in real-time.