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The top ten AI uses in Marketing [Infographics].

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence based applications in marketing and sales enable companies to know their customers better and to offer them the best products promotions in real time. Chief Marketing Officers-CMO and their teams need automatic learning and artificial intelligence to stand out and take advantage over their competitors.

In pursuit of customer satisfaction, the best CMOs manage to balance their marketing strategies and elements that make the company brand and experience unique.

Knowing how potential buyers make up their minds on how, when and where to buy, turn marketing strategies more interesting. Advanced analytics enables customers segmentation for better knowledge of their preferences. Thanks to this knowledge, products purchasing propensity or churn prevention in the purchasing process or suitable pricing setting can be estimated, among many other things.

According to a recent survey delivered by Forbes Insights and Quantcast Research, the use of AI allows marketing and sales departments to boost sales by 52% and increase customer retention by 49%.

The infographics shows data of the ten most relevant Artificial Intelligence contributions to marketing teams. In the next two years, according to the reports, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence based technologies and automatic learning will be adopted by the companies that realize their benefits.