Regina Llopis, president of AIA, participates in “Smart cities: data, people or both?”.

La presidenta del Grupo AIA, Regina Llopis ha participado en la mesa redonda “Smart cities: ¿datos, personas o ambos?”   celebrado en InnovationHub. Junto a Regina Llopis han participado Marieta del Rivero, autora del libro “Smart cities, una visión para el ciudadano” y a la alcaldesa de Santander, Gema Igual.




AGAUR Project 2010 involving the Generalitat de Catalunya (Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris I de recerca) electricity infrastructure within Inforegión.

The project consisted of the design, development and integration of a network management platform of sensors and information. Main objectives were the optimisation of urban management, but also aimed to provide as much information as possible, through the use of open interfaces enabling the development of innovative applications by third parties.

The other project partners were: