TDM: Temporal Dynamic Model.

The Temporal Dynamic Model project TDM is aimed at developing a lifecycle-based predictive model for the analysis of great volume of data through Big Data methodologies for decision-making.

The project scope is the design and development of a technological environment for defining and calculating a lifecycle-based predictive model for chronic patients´ management.

  • Phase 1: The design and development of the technology of lifecycle – based predictive model.
  • Phase 2: Implementation of the technology developed. In a vertical and concrete environment.

The result of the project is a technological environment for the development of predictive models based on lifecycle and a product ready for commercialization, validated by a pilot Project and associated to chronic patients´ management.

The participants of the projects are:

  • PULSO Ediciones S.L.: a company expert in contents editing and management.
  • Grupo AIA: a company with extensive experience in advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence – based solutions.

Co-funded project by the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, ENERGY AND TURISM within the call for funding grants for projects developed by the Strategic Action of Economics and Digital Society under the National Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File: TSI-100600-2013-71

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