Vision, Information and Knowledge of Injections in Networks of Gas

AIA developed the gas network demand forecast system VIKING to gas distributors for their operational cost and risk reduction, gas injection planning and regulated gas demand evaluation. Gas traders must inform distributors about the forecast demand of their liberalized gas market customers both, high and low pressure, to guarantee their supply.


VIKING is Grupo AIA´s solution for gas distributors and traders for:

  • Medium and long-term forecast for winter and annual season planning of leading gas distribution networks.
  • High-pressure gas industrial customers individual forecast.
  • Low-pressure industrial customers forecast.
  • Distribution networks forecast.
  • Hourly volume and demand data repository.
    • Demand data filtering and correction.
    • Measurement anomalies detection.
  • Meteorological data repository.


Product features

Demand forecast

Automated demand forecast of gas distribution networks and both, high pressure demand of industrial customers and associated low-pressure demand from communities.

Graphical and numerical representation of each network, industrial customer and community.

Automatic introduction of the demand and topological structure data.

Forecasts automated sending.

Data mining

Detection of networks or customers of special interests.

Distribution network topology checking. Wrong customer allocation, relationships inconsistency, inconsistent demand.

Volume and demand data repository.

Meteorological data repository.

Reports generation with different levels.

ERMs signals repository.

Networks balance management support.

Detection of customers´ invoicing overlapping, anomalous demand data or mistakes in data definition.

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