An artificial intelligence tool for expert´s assessment criteria capturing.

EVA is a supervised learning tool for capturing how an expert makes decisions through dialogue. The expert defines a hierarchical tree of variables, a relevant concept in the decision process and transmits this knowledge through a binary selection process (one of two situations).

As a result, EVA provides a linear discriminant with the relative weights of each relevant variable and can imitate the behavior of an expert. EVA has been specifically designed as a general tool to aid in the learning process for complex decision-making and further process of classifying similar situations.

Main features

  • Uses supervised learning techniques as an artificial intelligent product.
  • Tackles the problem of learning assessment criteria in complex decision-making processes.
  • Defines parameters or variables of the decision problem easily.
  • Evaluates and classifies expert´s criteria for decision making.
  • Useful in knowledge acquisition and expert systems construction for decision-making.
  • Criteria updating or changing flexibility through a simple and interactive process of review and revision of previous learning processes.
  • Generates reports: problem definition, learning process and database elements results.
  • Multilingual learning tool configurable in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Portability: runs in a pc platform.


EVA has been used in:

  • Information Systems areas (software developments, products quality control and knowledge acquisition tasks priorities definition).
  • Human Resources (recruiting, promotion, shifts planning, position profiles description, brainstorming training techniques).
  • Marketing and business areas (clients and products profile description and business strategies definition).
  • Banking (specific decision making, credit scoring).

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