Parkinetics is the first living laboratory of electric mobility in Spain. Electric vehicles and charging stations will be tested and this will help users to define new profitable and sustainable mobility. The project is developed in a perimeter of 30km in the Vallès region (Barcelona), an area that encompasses technology parks, science and business with intensive R & D and more than 50 000 potential users.

  • R & D in new technologies for electric vehicles (EV)
  • Telemetry mass processing of certain physical variables for EV components (battery, ease of use of the electric motor), and the environment.
  • New generation of EV charging points either by mains and by better place system (battery replacement).

The other project partners are:


GRUPO AIA ´s role in the project is to analyse the data collected from the paths of vehicles in order to improve monitoring of battery models and optimise the charging process.

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