FUTURED´s steering group renewal with the incorporation of Carles Vericat

Grupo AIA is still present in FUTURED, the Spanish power grid network platform, with the incorporation of Carles Vericat, Business Development Director in AIA, as member of this platform to replace Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA.

Last Tuesday Jan. 29th, FUTURED held its 53rd meeting to discuss the power network´s strategic guidelines and vision as well as the role of Innovation technology in a less dependent and more sustainable power transition. The Spanish Power Grid Network Platform, FUTURED was created to encourage the technological transformation of the Spanish transport and distribution power grid network. Grupo AIA, ´s contribution is 30 years´ experience and its HELMTM methodology used for power system´s modeling, analysis and simulation, the basis of  AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms) a product which incorporates power grid analysis features in real time such as an automatic restoration module in case of disturbances and blackouts.

Grupo AIA, on behalf of Carles Vericat, will help to boost R&D on transport and distribution power grids network in Spain.  FUTURED ´s challenges address directly the sector´s interests in developing new products and services based on technology and innovation. During the meeting, were announced the retirement of the former president of the platform for the last 8 years, Blanca Losada, and the appointment of Raúl Suárez, Director of the power distributor Naturgy, UFD, as new president of FUTURED. Moreover, the incorporation of. Óscar Izquierdo, Alejandra López Gómez and Covadonga Coca were announced. Departure of Miguel Latorre Zubiri, Rafael Mínguez Matorras and Regina Llopis were also announced, whose contributions during the last years have made the Spanish power system more efficient.


siRFINDER, algorithms to identify target molecules

Grupo AIA has developed siRFINDER, a Machine Learning based software of siRNA molecules which has been successfully implanted by Sylentis, subsidiary of group Pharmarmar.

This software, co-financed by CDTI, is aimed at strengthening drug development based on RNA interference therapy. This tool developed by different Machine Learning algorithms is designed to generate thousands of specific compounds for disease treatment taking advantage of the ARN Interference technology (ARNi). This biomolecular technology enables silencing genes responsible for producing protein associated to specific diseases. Through this ARN interference technology, it is possible to prevent genes from developing as disease.

In a first phase of the project, the algorithms were performed for the selection of the best candidates in terms of their thermodynamic properties, possible body immune response, possible negative effects on the genes and possible modifications or mutations of the target gene. Consequently, we would know which molecules from all the siRNA molecules are the most effective for specific pathologies.

Reducing the number of molecules for further research and development, the time required is reduced by half, which enables Sylentis to develop innovative drugs in a shorter time and lower cost for the pharmaceutical company.

Among the main benefits for Sylentis is that siRFINDER maintains confidentiality of the targets and flow of information during the whole process, because the algorithms collect, clean and reinterpret the data generated by Sylentis describing the expected metrics the siRNA candidates must meet.

Grupo AIA and Sylentis will continue with the following phase of the siRFINDER Project which consists on developing an autolearning system designed to adapt it to the type of tissue it is addressed to.


Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA talks about women´s low participation in STEM

UNESCO produced a report in 2017 that talks about how countries have to put solutions to solve this issue and the case study of Malaysia, a country that 20 years ago decided to adapt its educational and social policies to increase the presence of women STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

En los Programas de Continuidad citan al Grupo AIA

Grupo AIA as an example of Artificial Intelligence use in the session “The great impact of Artificial Intelligence: reality and challenges”

What are the challenges Artificial Intelligence is facing today? How is this technology impacting on different industrial sectors? , Nuria Agell, Operation and Data Science Department Director of ESADE, has gathered directors of different sectors: health, retail, etc. within the Continuity programs of Esade, Programas de Continuidad de ESADE to answer these questions.

Agell talked about Artificial Intelligence revival in the industry and of how this technology has allowed to develop intelligent systems designed to improve diverse industrial processes and everyday life: Smart phones, virtual assistants and the evolution of autonomous systems.

Nuria Agell presented Grupo AIA as one of the companies using Artificial Intelligence for diverse industrial sectors through innovations in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and at the state of the art in advance technological solutions.

Grupo AIA´s unique methodologies provide solutions to companies challenges as it combines Artificial Intelligence and advanced analysis to tackle the problem thoroughly and accurately to meet customers´ needs.

Grupo AIA receives the Innovation HUB award for “The Best Use Case” in 2017

Grupo AIA has been awarded the InnovationHUB granted by Ideas4all for The Best Use Case in 2017. This award is a recognition to AIA´s work on algorithms developments based on collaborative working achieved by diverse ideas and approaches of its two main research groups.

This prize is granted by Ideas4all every year as a recognition for the best innovation practices and highlight the importance of open innovation for companies´ transformation.

Among some of the competitive advantages of open innovation is real time. Thanks to technology, knowledge, and ideas from various groups.

Carlos López, CEO of Grupo AIA, received the award and thanked for this recognition for the work done in algorithms development based on sharing approaches and perspectives diversity. This is one of Grupo AIA´s main values: applying diversity of thought on each one of its projects, as it is believed it will contribute to the solution of complex problems.

The InnovationHUB award is a recognition not only for AIA´s innovative business but also for being an expert in algorithms development for business innovation. Not in vain, the company´ s slogan is Building Algorithms for a better world.


Among the other awards are:

o    Ideas4all Innovation award: Seguros Santalucía.

o    Best management Team: Banco Sabadell.

o    Idea creator award: Banco Sabadell.

o    Transforming Innovation award: City Council of Santander.

o    Best Dynamization Campaign: Zürich Seguros


Regina Llopis gives us the key to increasing women´s participation in STEAM areas

“Choosing a good partner”. A phrase coined by Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA during her participation at the forum Women´s Social Innovation in Technological companies  held in the Basque Country.

Stereotypes, gender barriers and breaking down existing assumptions are some of the slogans heard at the forum organized by the top executives and businesses women ´s association in the Biscay region: Women´s Social Innovation in Technological companies Regina Llopis, president of AIA, has participated to stand for women´s presence in STEAM areas.

During her intervention, Llopis claimed the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes sprung up at home by stop giving dolls and kitchens to girls as gifts and start giving them gifts that foster their curiosity” such as video games, remote control toys, and any other technological toys because basically “that´s the future”. She recalled that women´s slim presence in technological careers was mainly due to gender-bias that underestimates their capacities facing technological, scientific and engineering topics.

Regina Llopis, also said it was important choosing a good partner who gives you support in your professional career instead of obstacles so you do not have to change it”. Choosing someone who understands women´s professional needs and ambitions and their belonging to the technological and business world.

During the forum, it was highlighted the need to change current figures and make the necessary effort in society to increase the presence of girls and women in the STEAM areas (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Art) and avoid that 50% of the society stays behind in an increasingly technological world.

It was also claimed at the forum, the need to make visible professional women ´s role to foster future generations because either you are in or you do not exist.

Other participants at the forum:

  • Azucena Castro: General Director of Owl Genomic.
  • Covadonga Herrero: Director of Deusto Sistemas of Bilbao.
  • Isabel García: Production Director at Bizintek.

Carlos López, General Director of AIA, participates in Vincle 2017

Is there any relationship between Artificial Intelligence and business? Can sales departments feed themselves from other data sources to enhance their CRMs and have a more accurate approach? Carlos López, General Director of Grupo AIA, key speaker at 2017 Vincle Conference, answered these questions.

Last October, Vincle held its fifth conference under the slogan “Omnichannel strategy to seduce and succeed to share the latest strategy trends to allure and maintain customers at a time when consumers engage themselves with brands in a variety of ways. Although much has been said about how marketing strategies bring closer customer needs to business realities, predictive analytics allows sales departments to improve their relationship with their customers throughout the (funnel) process

Predictive Marketing is one of the most interesting areas in advanced analytics because marketing departments are getting more and more data from their customers from different sources and consequently, have more accurate knowledge of their existing customers and potential ones.

Precisely on this subject, Carlos López, General director of AIA, focused his talk and maintained that Artificial Intelligence will allow sale forces to improve their CRMs and increase their sales revenues. He recalled that regarding intelligent recommendation systems, sales offers based on customers consumption, and optimization of products distribution routes optimization are among the areas Grupo AIA has already worked on and now is up grading its mathematical models for more accuracy.

Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA is one of the five entrepreneurs who have broken the glass ceiling

The gender gap in STEM areas is clearly exposed not only in universities but also in the business world. Grupo AIA has worked to reduce the gap through positive recruitment and development policies to attract and retain women´s talent and giving continuous support to those women studying Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.

Regina LLopis, president and founder of Grupo AIA has always promoted gender equality in the business group and is a staunch supporter of business projects created by and addressed to women. As expressed in an article published in El País Retina entitled: “five entrepreneurs who have broken the technological glass ceiling, where Regina Llopis talks about the need to break taboos and girls´ roles stereotypes.

In this article, the president of Grupo AIA, stands for women´s participation in decision making and visibility as technological makers: engineers who have invented and developed programs and systems, physics and mathematicians who created and implemented algorithms will be the role models for those that are girls now and will be the women undertaking technological entrepreneurship in the future.

Consequently, the slim presence of women in STEM areas is mainly due to the lack of women as referent models and gender and stereotypes bias. Moreover, Regina Llopis stands for the STEAM acronyms (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts, and Mathematics) as she believes Arts (including Architecture) adds a more holistic vision to basic sciences and engineering.


Top 100 Mujeres Líderes

Regina Llopis awarded among the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain 2017

The 2017 Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain awards, organized by the portal Women & Cia, created for promoting women’s talent for building gender equality in society.

The gala held last June 21st in Madrid, opened by Arturo González Aizpiri, Corporate Director of People and Organization at Repsol, host of the event, and the Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality, Mr. Mario Garcés Sanagustín, and the participation of Mercedes Wellich, founder of Mujeres & Cia and promoter of the even.

The awards go to 100 top 100 women leaders in Spain in 10 different categories and Regina Llopis Rivas, CEO of Aplicaciones en Informatica Avanzada, S.L. has been awarded in the category of Senior Management in 2017.

Rivas, CEO in Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada S.L., awarded with the Ada Byron Prize

The organizing committee and jury of the fourth edition of the Ada Byron Prize for Technological Women, from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, have awarded the 2017 award to Regina Llopis Rivas, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence by the University of California Berkeley (United States). The awardee is president and CEO of the technological Grupo AIA, Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada.

Her professional profile embraces both entrepreneurship projects and the support of women activities in technological and entrepreneurial fields. Teaching, research centers management, and companies and startups creation are among some of the Ada Byron award-winning achievements. Moreover, she has participated in the creation and invested in the companies that make up Grupo AIA today.

Since Grupo AIA´s creation in 1994 until last year, the total investment amounts for 15.2 million euros, committed to various projects development from supervised learning to optimization, computational linguistics among others. Additionally, it has received 3.9 million euros of European funds and 2.4 million from national agencies.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the group has been granted twelve U.S. patents.

For more information:

https://www.innovaspain.com/regina-llopis-premio-ada-byron-la-mujer-tecnologa-2017/ (In Spanish)


http://www.deusto.es/cs/Satellite/deusto/es/universidad-deusto/vive-deusto/la-doctora-en-matematicas-aplicadas-regina-llopis-rivas-gana-el-premio-ada-byron-a-la-mujer-tecnologa-2017/noticia (In Spanish)