Grupo AIA and CaixaBank have signed a joint-venture agreement called “Knowledge Discovery and Predictions, S.A (KDP)”

Grupo AIA and CaixaBank have recently created a joint venture called “Knowledge Discovery and Predictions, S.A (KDP)” for the development of big data innovation projects.

KDP will rely on a team of highly qualified data scientists specialized in advanced analytics and Machine Learning whose expertise ranges from Physics to Mathematics and come from important international research centers. This team has been working on CaixaBank projects for a long time. Grupo AIA will maintain the technical and scientific management of the projects.

KDP projects will enable CaixaBank to continue innovating in big data projects not only in the development of new analytical models and methods but also in knowledge extraction of a large volume of data.

KDP is the consolidation of Grupo AIA and CaixaBank relationship which started over twenty years ago with some data analytics projects mainly focused on fraud prevention. Since 2014, this strategic alliance between the two institutions has been strengthened by the development of big data projects.

Regina I-Will Breakfast

I-Will Breakfast tiene como protagonista Regina Llopis, CEO de AIA.

Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA has participated as an invited speaker at the I-Will Breakfast held at IESE Business School of Barcelona, hosted by Prof. Nuria Chinchilla. During her intervention, Llopis told her life story, her childhood in Venezuela, how her family has influenced her professional and personal development, her ideas and objectives for the future.

One of the most important topics during the forum was the support among women in the technological sector, usually dominated by men, and the incorporation of A to the STEM areas (STEAM) to broaden disciplines scope and vision for a complementary approach in business.

TDM: Temporal Dynamic Model.

The Temporal Dynamic Model project TDM is aimed at developing a lifecycle-based predictive model for the analysis of great volume of data through Big Data methodologies for decision-making.

The project scope is the design and development of a technological environment for defining and calculating a lifecycle-based predictive model for chronic patients´ management.

  • Phase 1: The design and development of the technology of lifecycle – based predictive model.
  • Phase 2: Implementation of the technology developed. In a vertical and concrete environment.

The result of the project is a technological environment for the development of predictive models based on lifecycle and a product ready for commercialization, validated by a pilot Project and associated to chronic patients´ management.

The participants of the projects are:

  • PULSO Ediciones S.L.: a company expert in contents editing and management.
  • Grupo AIA: a company with extensive experience in advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence – based solutions.

Co-funded project by the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, ENERGY AND TURISM within the call for funding grants for projects developed by the Strategic Action of Economics and Digital Society under the National Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File: TSI-100600-2013-71

Talent Discovery

Smart and self-adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from internet and social networks.

The objective of the Project is to develop a cloud computing based system for opinions extraction from the internet for brand or product positioning. The intelligent algorithms are based on social networks and sentiment analysis and a self-learning
approach requiring minimum human intervention.

The proposed solution is based on Big Data standards, Hadoop open source framework in this case, to provide data storing and treatment of high volume of data. (Bootstrapping) for applying the algorithms for knowledge extraction. Other algorithms regarding Keywords, key phrases and ontology extraction will be developed in the project, as well as bootstrapping for developing a more powerful module for Sentiment Analysis.

APLICACIONES EN INFORMÁTICA AVANZADA S.L., has participated in the project “Intelligent and Self-Adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from the internet and social networks based on Cloud and Big Data, Ref. number:
TSI-100600-2013-163, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan2013-2016.

SNTALENT: development of a talent Discovery tool

Talent Discovery

SNTALENT  is a Talent Discovery tool created under the Strategic Action for the Economy and Digital Society Program, (AEESD for its acronyms in Spanish) of the Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan.

Objective and purpose of the project.

The development of a SaaS Talent Discovery tool for talent search in social networks and database sources applying Artificial Intelligence technology to maximize quality and efficiency in sourcing and filtering phases of recruitment processes.

The Talent Discovery tool will offer the following features:

  • Jobs and profiles description drafting, prioritization and evaluation of required skills and experience to provide candidates scoring to ideal profile.
  • Search based on AI technology, internal database of previous candidates and external database sources in the network.
  • CVs and profiles´ automatic filtering in Natural Language Processing and scoring to ideal candidate.
  • Information capturing for:
    • CVs verification and contrasted in interviews.
    • Interest raised by candidates among recruiters.
    • Process management indicators, SaaS BI tools for recruitment process control.

Co-funded Project by the Strategic Action for the Economy and Digital Society Program, under the Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan. 2013-2016 ref: TSI-100600-2013-219.

Talent Discovery

EU FP7 project, HEMOLIA Conference and Demonstration in Bucarest

Last February 10th and 11th, 2014, within the EU FP7 projects conference and demonstration to final users, the Hemolia project was presented.

The conference was hosted by The National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, ONPCSB – the Financial Intelligence Unit of Romania, FIUR.

The HEMOLIA group presented and demonstrated the HEMOLIA project results to FIUs, banks and LEAs community representatives.

The 26 FIUs representatives debated on the impact and possibilities of HEMOLIA in the detection and prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in their own countries.

FIUR, presented the results and experience using the Financial Alert Engine module, developed by Grupo AIA. Highlighted the myriad of ETRs and CTRs. incoming data and concluded its performance was 10.000 times faster than any expert´s analysis and risk-based prioritization according to FATF/GAFI recommendations and would reduce analysts´ repetitive work to focus on critical cases.

Grupo AIA represented by founder and CEO Mrs. Regina LLOPIS, Jose M. MORERA and Javier CABALLERO explained the Artificial Intelligence Engine, the core of HEMOLIA.


iTesla proyecto

iTesla (Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security Within Large Areas) is a collaborative I+D project of European scope funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

iTesla Project’s purpose is to develop a set of tools that will help the future operation of pan-European electricity transmission. This toolkit will step forward in innovation: it will perform dynamic operational simulations following a probabilistic approach, going beyond the current focus on “N-1? and optimising the capabilities of network traffic at different scales, both spatial (national, regional, pan-European) and time (two days away, a day view, intraday real-time).

This toolkit will be available through a flexible IT platform allowing operators to perform simulations addressing both network, regional or pan-European in its own network, coordinated regional systems or completely pan-European system

The other project partners are:

  • RTE  (France) (Project leader)
  • Elia (Belgium)
  • NGC (UK)
  • REN (Portugal)
  • STATNETT (Norway)
  • IPTO (Greece)
  • CORESO (Belgium)
  • ARTELYS (France)
  • BULL (France)
  • PEPITE (Belgium)
  • QUINARY (Italy)
  • Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
  • INESC Porto (Portugal)
  • KTH (Sweden)
  • KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • RSE (Italy)
  • DTU (Denmark)
  • TRACTEBEL (Belgium)
  • TECHNOFI (France)


Grupo AIA‘s role in the project is twofold:

  • Building a common data model for the dynamic exchange of information between TSOs (Transmission System Operator).
  • Evaluate defence plans and develop methods for grid restoration at Pan-European level.

The project is being carried out between 2012 and 2015.

AIA participates in the 2013 Annual Factoring Symposium organized by EFCOM

AIA participated at the EFCOM Annual Factoring Symposium-2013, within AIA-EFCOM Partnership Agreement signed last July by AIA´s delegate in Germany, Mr. Avellán Borgmeyer, who presented the results of the tests with FIM and EF3 on real data from the German market to increase the efficiency of the Factoring activities

The results confirmed FIM enables the EF3 matching process and the reduction of the conciliation average time and global associated risk from 45% to 90%. This information and Spain and Chile´s success cases presented demonstrated an astonishing 700% efficiency rate.

Grupo AIA has participated in the ENERGOS project´s closure

Last September 26th, 2013, Gas Natural Fenosa held the ENERGOS´ closure for presenting the results of the project at the company´s headquarters in Madrid.

As part of the Energos project, AIA carried out research in diverse areas and developed several software modules exploring different technologies. The developments were mainly involved in smart network operation and planning.

This network Intelligent Observation Systems implemented through events processing engines to obtain high-level conclusions from low-level information about the network performance.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence techniques have been used for finding the optimal operation at each situation and provide the necessary steps for automatic resetting in case of incidents. It has also developed a micro-network economic management prototype through multi-agent technologies for the interaction between storage devices, generators of renewable and non-renewable energies, demand management, etc.

Other areas of the project: a predictive maintenance tool, a mobility simulator for electric cars and the use of nanocomposites for fault diagnosis in cables.


Grupo AIA signs a Collaboration Agreement with EFCOM

On July 4 Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA and Arnulf ROMANN, General Manager of EFCOM, signed a collaboration agreement between the two companies at AIA ’s headquarters in Sant Cugat. It´s a long-term agreement for technological and commercial cooperation.

EFCOM is a German company specialized in Factoring services. EFCOM´s teams of experts provide applications and solutions to leading local and international companies. Their factoring solutions enable to control of a large volume of accounts receivable and data for the company´s operational and strategic management.