Expert support system for banking products and services sales

Banking institutions offer an increasing range of products based on the society´s. changing needs. The broad diversity and specificity of banking products make commercial activities harder and harder. Moreover, the shortage of financial and commercial experts to carry out personally «front office« tasks, leads to. tackle this problem through Artificial Intelligence and new technologies. An expert system could incorporate commercial departments´ experience and the required financial knowledge to launch competitive offers, and therefore the commercial branches tasks would be reinforced.
SENECA (Expert System for Negotiating and Teaching, Commercially Active), is a first generation expert system developed by Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, S.A. jointly with Banc de Sabadell for commercial activity support:

Updated products information concerning interests, terms, commercial policy, operations closing).

Support in the interactive dialogue with customers, providing the most suitable product offer in each case, based on the commercial expert´s criteria, captured during the learning process.

Simulation of financial calculations and products negotiation terms highlighting the most favorable aspects of the products.

Additionally, the explanatory component of the tool is highly valued for commercial managers consulting and a fast and efficient source of information for the bank branches.

Product versions

The basic version provides front-office users a computerized catalogue of products and services, incorporates conceptual information (products characteristics, price, tariffs, cross-selling, etc.) associated to a powerful financial simulator.

The advanced version incorporates additionally an expert module adapted to the bank´s offer and strategic and commercial policies to meet customer´s needs based on the preestablished profiles.

General Information

  • Environment of development C, NS-DK, Open Interface
  • MS DOS; OS/2 and Presentation Manager, Windows, Windows NT, UNIX.
  • Requirements:
    • PC 386 o superior
    • Graphic card VGA
    • Corresponding Operative S
    • Disc Space (Customer Philosophy/ Server; approx. data)
      • In the stations (customers): any
      • In the server: 9.5 Mb (170 products, 60 with simulation)
    • Mouse- compatible with Microsoft


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