Targets support system

Sócrates is a negotiation and annual target planning support system (management and commercial targets and others) addressed to commercial branches and headquarters offices responsible for setting the institution´s strategies. It´s the main tool for target achievements´ follow up and deviation analysis. The strategies simulation is provided to the involved centers for the analysis of various scenarios and historical data support.

Moreover, Sócrates is integrated and personalized into the bank institution´s structure to:

  • Incorporate the economic policies (corporative strategy).
  • Carry out the optimal negotiation management of annual target agreements.
  • Communicate and distribute information adequately to push competitiveness among similar commercial centers.


Monthly follow-up

Sócrates ´s monthly follow-up gives support in control and verification processes, both of compliance and deviation of each one of the concepts.

Deviation analysis of results: Impact on the final objective.

Objectives achievements monthly updating.

Consistency control based on information/ previous results.

Proactive alerts and warnings generation (anomalous situations).


Information management

The management model of centralized information makes Sócrates a robust, autonomous and customized platform:

The information of the parametrization of the application (branches and headquarters centers monthly sessions, structural data, etc.…) is gathered in a central database, and each one of the centers when logging in a Socrates session, unloads the updated configuration of the application and the corresponding center´s data.

Creation of a lab environment (simulation) to test different configurations for further optimal version uploading into the central database to be accessible to all work centers.

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