Hydraulic Planning Optimization System

SOPHIA is the optimization system for the hydraulic production planning. This integrated system provides the optimal production strategy based on planning definition. It consists of the following modules:

  • Performance curves learned through neural networks.
  • River-basins inputs forecast.
  • Short, medium and long-term optimal planning based on various methodologies related to Dynamic Programing. It includes ramps, water volume, inflows, maintenance programs, etc.
  • Optimal economic strategies according to planning.




The Levels´ module provides the estimated price deviations impact on optimization. The considered optimal water distribution stratification is used as a risk measurement of the water offered.


Reprogramming is the optimization process in a specific hydraulic generation unit (HGU) to comply with the company´s energy model program. As a result, the hourly energy production is obtained for each one of the HGU groups.

Inputs Short, medium- and long-term forecasts

Design of specific learning algorithms applying fine tuning of neural networks parameters for river basin inflow forecasting. The system generates the inputs specific profiles.

Performance curves estimation

This module uses information from the equipment manufacturers and performance historical information for the best performance curve estimation of the different generation units. Patterns learning based on neural network techniques.

Short, medium- and long-term optimal planning

Optimization is based on performance curves information, basin inputs, etc. For optimal planning of generation group activities, a specific linear programing is used. The results are obtained by generation groups through disaggregation.

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