Edge Computing, are we going back to physical DPCs or is it the trendy buzzword?

In a future filled with data from thousands of millions of devices connected to the internet, faster and more reliable data processing will be crucial for industries development. In recent years, we have witnessed the Cloud computing consolidation thanks to its centralized and scalable nature.

Antonio Trías, co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S patent AGORA

Antoni Trías Bonet, the co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S. patent AGORA. AGORA is a new-generation Grid Management System (GMS) with intelligent observation features, built on a non-iterative breakthrough patented innovation load flow algorithm, HELM, that always provides the correct solution (if an operational physical solution exists), even near voltage collapse. The result is a robust set of tools to keep the network state even under the most difficult operational conditions.

Antoni Trías explains in an interview how the new HELM system provides all power flow calculations and accurate real-time PV and QV curve generation, performs reliable contingency analysis and support simulation in real-time.


Intelligent Agents Organization to Enhance Dependability and Survivability of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures.

This project involved the improvement of safety in electricity networks interconnecting with other networks.

The project was led by Queen Mary University (London), with the participation of another 4 partners.

The objective of Grupo AIA was to develop a survivability network model, analysing dynamic systems and to design automatic recovery mechanisms in the event of faults in the network. Some AGORA modules were used in the project.


The project was developed between 2001 and 2003.