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Grupo AIA specializes in advanced software development based on optimization, simulation, and Machine Learning techniques (classification, forecasting, etc.), utilizing both Big Data and standard databases, and applying basic science methodologies, including mathematics, physics and biology. Grupo AIA strives to transform information into useful knowledge to provide our customers with disruptive and cutting-edge solutions that have a significant impact on their business. In recent years, we have increased our activity in the biotech sector and aim to continue growing with the advent of molecular data.

Grupo AIA is currently looking for a computational biologist with experience in data science and machine learning, or a data scientist with a strong biological background, willing to develop a professional career in a company specialized in solving complex problems in the pharma/biotech industry through analytical technologies. We offer you the opportunity to work at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation projects for some of the most disruptive companies in the country. Our biotech projects deal with a variety of biological subjects, including predictions using omics data, molecular activity estimation, etc. You can see some of our projects on our website, http://aia.es.

What do we expect from you, and what are the deliverables involved?

You will work as a Data Scientist on biotech projects for the Innovation Unit at AIA. Your job will consist of:

  • Interacting with final customers to ensure a full understanding of their real needs, business model, biological complexities of their technology, and technological environment.
  • Understanding complex biological problems and designing analytical algorithms and workflows to create business solutions.
  • Developing AI/ML models applied to biological data, often integrated with classic bioinformatics software.
  • Ensuring that our software and deliverables meet the expected requirements and provide the sought solution.
  • Identifying possible new projects or extensions of existing ones.

You will have the support and knowledge of the Innovation Team at AIA, which will accompany you throughout the implementation of these projects. In turn, we expect from you:

  • Knowledge of existing databases and bioinformatics tools that can be relevant in our projects.
  • Fast prototyping skills.
  • Ability to identify gaps in existing algorithms/libraries and develop specific solutions to solve them.
  • Results-driven, strong analytical skills, and a high level of understanding of the available bio-algorithms.
  • Being proactive and having the ability to work either autonomously or as part of a team, depending on the needs of each project.

Being part of the Innovation unit at AIA will allow you to enjoy a stimulating environment with your colleagues to share, learn, and apply the latest technological advances in AI. It will also enable you to be in contact with experts from different sectors and learn from them the insights of their businesses.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Sound knowledge of molecular biology and bioinformatics tools, including processing genomic data (BLAST, annotation & alignment tools, etc…).
  • Experience in Data Science and machine learning (> 1 year), and familiarity with Python and/or R.
  • Advanced level of English.

Desired experience/skills:

The following items are not essential but will be highly valued:

  • The ability to compile/install complex bioinformatics packages.
  • High motivation to tackle complex algorithmic and computational problems, constantly learning, and applying new technologies.
  • Experience managing teams with specialized technical personnel in computational or analytical tasks.
  • Communication skills to convey complex ideas.
  • Passion for keeping up to date with the state of the art in AI/ML applied to biology.


Guillermo Rodríguez – rodriguezg@aia.es

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