Research & Development

We do research on the future to find applications for the present

In Grupo AIA, we participate on R&D financed projects strategically aimed at going further in the development of new technologies and finding their application in different industrial sectors.

This continuous innovation has allowed us to provide the best and more breakthrough solutions to our customers, and on the other hand, to establish strategic R&D collaboration projects that have positioned ourselves as a leading provider of future technologies.

Strategic R&D

Quantum Computing

Striving for the best and most breakthrough solutions for our current and future customers, Grupo AIA has joined the Corporate Liaison program from the photonic institute “Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas, ICFO” to participate in projects with a double purpose:

As a research company with extensive experience in physics and data science, AIA will develop Machine Learning solutions for quantum experiments called Quantum Machine Learning.

On the other hand, as an industrial partner solving challenging problems to different industries for over 30 years, AIA will provide consultancy to the industry with use cases of feasible Quantum computation applications.


Grupo AIA´s subsidiary company in the U.S., EQ KIDS, and as NASA “prime contractor”, it has been granted the Phase II of the STTR research project.

This is the fifth project Grupo AIA has developed for NASA since 2014. It has successfully completed four previous STTR and SBIR research projects. All these developments have been addressed to the automation of power grids distribution and management in aerospace aircrafts and bases.

In this second phase, Grupo AIA will incorporate the data gathered by thermal and electric sensors and match them with the physical modeling of the system executed in Phase I through Deep Learning techniques. This is a further step towards power grids total automation in which smart algorithms will be able to make decisions on voltage correction, power collapse, overheating, etc…).

Applied R&D

In Grupo AIA we have participated in multiple research and development projects co-financed by the European Community among which are:

HEMOLIA Anti-money laundering, -Hybrid Enhanced Anti Money Laundering Intelligence, Investigation, Incrimination and Alerts.

IRRIIS Infrastructure security, -Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-based Infrastructure Systems.

EXAMINE European power system security -Experimentation of a Monitoring and control system for managing vulnerabilities of the European Infrastructure for Electrical power exchange

SAFEGUARD Tool to enhance the dependability and survivability of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures, -Intelligent Agents Organization to Enhance Dependability and Survivability of Large Complex Critical Infrastructure.

RAIN Risk management on extreme weather -Risk Analysis of Infrastructures Networks.

PREEMTIVE Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructures-Preventive Methodology and Tools to Protect Utilities.

iTESLA Pan European grid coordination, -Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas.

EMILI Tools for decision support in emergency management, -Emergency Management in Large Infrastructures.

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