Grupo AIA develops algorithms for Quantum Cryptography

AIA’s Innovation Team has completed a software library for post processing in Quantum Key Distribution. With this software, the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) will be able to implement fully secure communications over conventional optical fiber. Quantum Cryptography is posed as a key technology to replace current cryptographic methods, which face a growing risk of becoming obsolete because of the rapid advances in Quantum Computing.

A thesis transferring neutrino ´s experience to the industrial sector

Last November 27th, Sebastian Piña Otey has successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Deep learning and Bayesian techniques applied to Big Data in the industry and neutrino oscillations”. Although this doctorate thesis is physics centered, there is also an industrial component developed with AIA within the industrial doctorate program framework sponsored by the Catalonian Government called: “Doctorats Industrials de la Generalitat. Sebastian ´s thesis, codirected by Vicens Gaitan, AIA´s representative, along with Thorsten Lux, neutrino´s team main researcher from the Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE), has developed a project that connects neutrino oscillations (mentioned in a previous blog post) with cutting-edge Deep Learning technology.

The thesis has focused on a new approach for data analysis and extraction of relevant information for the T2K neutrino experiment (Tokai to Kamioka) in Japan. In particle physics experiments, and more particularly, neutrino experiments, data analysis has three main components: detectors´ direct data processing, theoretical model simulation and model parameters determination. These three key aspects are essential for a rigorous and correct scientifically based results´ delivery. Sebastian ´s research had an impact on all three aspects by introducing different proofs of concepts of new technologies.

Firstly, he has successfully implemented an algorithm of Graph Neural Networks to help detecting not physic ambiguous signs during the simulation of a T2K future detector. As a result, the effect on the neutrino can be rebuilt correctly, increasing the performance as compared to traditional techniques. (The paper has been submitted to the Physical Review D and is currently under evaluation. Pre-publication can be download at )

Secondly, Sebastian has combined the normalizing flows technology, invertible neural networks that allow to evaluate and generate data from a probability distribution based on traditional statistical techniques, rejection sampling under the algorithm of Exhaustive Neural Importance Sampling (ENIS). More precisely, along with his supervisors, they have applied ENIS to generate data from a typical neutrino event in T2K, the interaction called charged-current quasi-elastic (CCQE). This paper was published on July 16th in the Physical Review D

Finally, as mentioned in our previous blog post, the normalizing flows were used to determine the parameters of the two neutrino flavors oscillation model. This paper was also published in the Physical Review D on June 2nd

However, the experience gained by the somewhat exotic application of the neutrino oscillations was also transferred to the industrial field. Sebastian and Vicens worked with Red Eléctrica Española through Elewit and could show the impact and value added of these techniques on potential projects of our clients. Thus, Sebastian has successfully achieved our first industrial doctorate, potentiating AIA´s relation with the IFAE and showing the contribution of the industrial sector to pure research.


Grupo AIA takes part in the DNA project developed by Adolfo Domínguez

Adriana Domínguez, as executive president of Adolfo Domínguez, made public in an online press conference last June 19th, the DNA project kick-off in which Grupo AIA has participated as the technological provider. Based on Artificial Intelligence, a recommendation algorithm combined with the experience of Personal Shoppers of Adolfo Domínguez, have allowed them to choose clothe items and accessories, adapted to each of its customers, and send them to their homes without trying them on or going to a shop.

Grupo AIA is pleased to have participated in the project for the retail sector and provided its 30 years´ experience in the development of Artificial Intelligence based applications and data analytics. This Project opens collaboration opportunities between Adolfo Domínguez and Grupo AIA, as the Spanish fashion firm has showed its commitment to innovation as the way to improve its relationship with its customers.

Access to the new DNA service at

Regina Llopis participates in the event «The sum of Intelligences» organized by the UdG

Last May 26th, Regina Llopis, President of Grupo AIA, took part in the online event coordinated by the Universidad de Girona titled «The sum of Intelligences».

More information at and hashtag Twitter  #congrésdigitalSI.

software grupo AIA-ASISA

ASISA and Grupo AIA agree to develop jointly AI-based software

Grupo AIA and ASISA have signed an agreement to develop jointly artificial intelligence-based software aiming at improving efficiency and dynamism of the insurance company´s management processes and ultimately to meet its customers and insurers´ needs.

The project´s kick-off between Grupo AIA and ASISA, a leading health insurance company with the best Net Promoter Score, NPS[i], is aimed at developing innovative software based on basic science (Physics and Mathematics) and Data Science to meet their business needs. This knowledge transfer will enable Grupo AIA to provide intelligence to ASISA´s business processes through advanced analytics methodologies such as Machine Learning.

Grupo AIA focused on solving management efficiency of medical actions at this phase of the collaboration project, will deploy a Machine Learning-based tool that will make medical actions management more efficient and ASISA will be able to make wiser decisions that will benefit its customers. Grupo AIA´ s contribution based on the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology will help to improve the insurance company´s management and control processes in this business area.

This collaboration project is framed within ASISA´s technological transformation across business processes impacting on both, welfare and management activities´ efficiency and effectivity improvement as well as customers´ satisfaction. The ultimate goal of this process for the company is to provide customers a total digital service including the whole process from services contracts to their management.

[i] Braintrust ´s Observatory of Health Competence.


Grupo AIA and ICFO, working together for Quantum Computing

Grupo AIA and Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (Institute of Photonics), ICFO, have signed a renewable 4-year collaboration agreement to establish the framework for continuous team-up collaboration.With this agreement, Grupo AIA becomes a member of the Corporate Liaison Program of ICFO to strengthen synergies between both organizations aiming at fostering cooperation for achieving common goals. (more…)

Regina I-Will Breakfast

I-Will Breakfast tiene como protagonista Regina Llopis, CEO de AIA.

Regina Llopis, CEO of Grupo AIA has participated as an invited speaker at the I-Will Breakfast held at IESE Business School of Barcelona, hosted by Prof. Nuria Chinchilla. During her intervention, Llopis told her life story, her childhood in Venezuela, how her family has influenced her professional and personal development, her ideas and objectives for the future.

One of the most important topics during the forum was the support among women in the technological sector, usually dominated by men, and the incorporation of A to the STEM areas (STEAM) to broaden disciplines scope and vision for a complementary approach in business.

TDM: Temporal Dynamic Model.

The Temporal Dynamic Model project TDM is aimed at developing a lifecycle-based predictive model for the analysis of great volume of data through Big Data methodologies for decision-making.

The project scope is the design and development of a technological environment for defining and calculating a lifecycle-based predictive model for chronic patients´ management.

  • Phase 1: The design and development of the technology of lifecycle – based predictive model.
  • Phase 2: Implementation of the technology developed. In a vertical and concrete environment.

The result of the project is a technological environment for the development of predictive models based on lifecycle and a product ready for commercialization, validated by a pilot Project and associated to chronic patients´ management.

The participants of the projects are:

  • PULSO Ediciones S.L.: a company expert in contents editing and management.
  • Grupo AIA: a company with extensive experience in advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence – based solutions.

Co-funded project by the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, ENERGY AND TURISM within the call for funding grants for projects developed by the Strategic Action of Economics and Digital Society under the National Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File: TSI-100600-2013-71

Talent Discovery

Smart and self-adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from internet and social networks.

The objective of the Project is to develop a cloud computing based system for opinions extraction from the internet for brand or product positioning. The intelligent algorithms are based on social networks and sentiment analysis and a self-learning
approach requiring minimum human intervention.

The proposed solution is based on Big Data standards, Hadoop open source framework in this case, to provide data storing and treatment of high volume of data. (Bootstrapping) for applying the algorithms for knowledge extraction. Other algorithms regarding Keywords, key phrases and ontology extraction will be developed in the project, as well as bootstrapping for developing a more powerful module for Sentiment Analysis.

APLICACIONES EN INFORMÁTICA AVANZADA S.L., has participated in the project “Intelligent and Self-Adaptive system for knowledge and opinions extraction from the internet and social networks based on Cloud and Big Data, Ref. number:
TSI-100600-2013-163, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan2013-2016.

SNTALENT: development of a talent Discovery tool

Talent Discovery

SNTALENT  is a Talent Discovery tool created under the Strategic Action for the Economy and Digital Society Program, (AEESD for its acronyms in Spanish) of the Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan.

Objective and purpose of the project.

The development of a SaaS Talent Discovery tool for talent search in social networks and database sources applying Artificial Intelligence technology to maximize quality and efficiency in sourcing and filtering phases of recruitment processes.

The Talent Discovery tool will offer the following features:

  • Jobs and profiles description drafting, prioritization and evaluation of required skills and experience to provide candidates scoring to ideal profile.
  • Search based on AI technology, internal database of previous candidates and external database sources in the network.
  • CVs and profiles´ automatic filtering in Natural Language Processing and scoring to ideal candidate.
  • Information capturing for:
    • CVs verification and contrasted in interviews.
    • Interest raised by candidates among recruiters.
    • Process management indicators, SaaS BI tools for recruitment process control.

Co-funded Project by the Strategic Action for the Economy and Digital Society Program, under the Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan. 2013-2016 ref: TSI-100600-2013-219.

Talent Discovery